Estimate your carbon emissions in minutes

25000 plastic boxes @ $0.10 each
326160 - Plastic Bottles
EPA Factor
0.727 kg CO2e per $ spent
CO2e Emitted
1820 kg CO2e
Built by teams from leading institutions and companies
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Three scopes. Without three dollar signs.

Every business deserves to know their impact on our planet. We’re on a missions to make carbon accounting easy for everyone. Your accounting, fleet management, and utility data flow into our tool continuously in real time after linking your accounts.

Let us do your busy work.

Automated data collection and calculations.

Avoid the emails to utility companies and phone calls to your accountant. Simply link your accounting system or upload a spreadsheet and let us handle the work.
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Easy-to-use. We even have a free version.

You don't need a specialized degree to start your company's climate journey. We’re on a missions to make carbon accounting easy for everyone.
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Transparent and auditable. It's all on us.

We’ll guarantee the accuracy of the data. We'll show you exactly how the numbers moved from your data sources to your dashboard. If anything goes wrong, it's on us.
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Estimate your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. We’ll build a custom solution that pulls data automatically from your data sources.